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Kalori Liebherr Crane Adapted RK12 Rooftop Air Conditioner

RK12 Liebherr Crane
RK12 Liebherr Krane Kalori Air Conditioner Dimensions
RK12 Liebherr Krane Mounted

Kalori RK12 – Liebherr Crane Model

Fully self-contained 24,900 BTU rooftop air-conditioner containing a 400V-480V AC compressor, ventilated evaporator, condenser and receiver drier, with variable fan settings (Klim). Air Conditioner/Electric Heater model also available (Kombi).

Designed to fit Liebherr Crane cabs but suitable for other cranes and gantries operating on higher voltage (such as 400V-480V).

Compressor Voltage  400 V – 480 V
Heating Output (Kombi Only)  20,400 BTU
Cooling Output  24,900 BTU
Air Flow  530 CFM
Ventilation speed  PWM
Electrical Consumption @24V  27A
Electrical Consumption @400V – Compressor  4.5A
Electrical Consumption @400V – Resistor  15A
Electrical Consumption @400V – Heating (Kombi Only)  9A
Model Reference
400V/480V Klim 122.50.101
400V/480V Kombi 122.50.100