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Rooftop Evaporator/Heater Kalori Klimatop Kombi

roof evaporator-heater system: Klimatop Kombi by KaloriKalori Klimatop Kombi Ambulance Rooftop Mount

Rooftop Evaporator-Heater System Klimatop Kombi

A roof mounted combination Air Conditioner / Heater with available models in 12V or 24V DC, emitting up to 17,000 BTU of cooling power with variable fan speeds.

The Klimatop is the standard when it comes to additional air conditioning in most ambulances throughout Europe.

Voltage 12V 24V
Heating Power 20,400 BTU 20,400 BTU
Cooling Output 17,000 BTU 17,000 BTU
Air Flow 330 CFM 330 CFM
Electrical Power 150 W 150 W
Ventilation speed 3 3
Water Fitting Ø16 mm Ø16 mm
Finishing White White
Voltage Reference
12 V 122.16.001
24 V 122.16.101
Rear connections
12 V 122.16.002
24 V 122.16.102
Kalori Klimatop Kombi AC/Heater
Kalori Klimatop Kombi AC/Heater Diffuser