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KALORI KANADA II 12V & 24V Rooftop Evaporator / Condenser

Roof top Evaporator-Condenser - Kanada II

Kalori Kanada II Rooftop Air Conditioner

Rooftop mounted unit with evaporator/condenser (Klim) with integrated receiver drier for cab roofs, also available as an evaporator/heating unit (Kombi). Inside cab air diffuser available as an option.

Can be operated with engine mount, electric, or hydraulic compressor. Models available in 12V or 24V DC.

Kombi Klim
Heating Power 22,500 BTU N/A
Cooling Output 15,300 BTU 20,400 BTU
Air Flow 295 CFM 295 CFM
Consumption 330 W 330 W
Water Fitting Ø 16 mm N/A
Ventilation speed 3 3
Weight 42 lbs 42 lbs
Voltage Unit Type Reference
12V Kombi 122.14.005
24V Kombi 122.14.105
12V Klim 122.14.004
24V Klim 122.14.104
Inside Cab Air Diffuser (Optional)
12V 340.07.366
24V 340.07.367
Agricultural Applications
Kalori Kanada II Modification Mounting For Ferris Wheels